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To the Memory of Jonas Clarke

To the Memory of Jonas Clarke
Who died March 31st 1862 aged 74 years

In memory of Cordelia Ann daughter
of Francis and Jane Carey who died
Dec 8th 1861 Aged 16 Years
Also Jonas, their son died Jan 18th 1865 Aged 14 years.

The grave of Wick Farm tenant Jonas Clarke senior is just inside the gates to the churchyard at St Mary's, Lydiard Tregoze. Jonas was born in Minety in 1787 where he spent his early adult life. His marriage to Elizabeth Fitchew in 1816 proved to be unsuccesful and by 1818 he had entered into a relationship with Alice Pinnell. The couple had seven children but had to wait more than thirty years for the death of Elizabeth before they could marry.

Jonas's business like will makes no reference to bequests of a personal nature. He leaves his real estate to his only surviving son Jonas and to his wife Alice he leaves 'all my live and dead farming stock and crops of corn grain and hay household goods furniture and effects dairy utensils implements of husbandry monies and securities for money and all other my personal estate and effects whatsoever unto my Wife Alice Clark for her absolute use and benefit so long as she shall continue my widow'

A record of the old field names of Wick Farm appear on the Tithe records of 1841, including:-

Bakers Mead
Green Down
The Green Down Mead
New inclosure
The Clay Pit Ground
The Prinnels
High Croft
Lower Wick
Upper Wick
Part of Holdings
Fresh Brooks Mead

This roughly drawn map of West Swindon in the 1980s plots some of these parcels of land.

The farm remained in the tenancy of the Clarke family until the 1880s. You might like to read how local author Mark Child unraveled the confusing story of two younger Jonas Clarke's.

In 1930 cash strapped Lady Bolingbroke put several of her properties on the market in what was described as 'one of the largest sales held in Swindon for many years.'

Lot 28 of 57 was Jonas's former home.

An exceedingly dry rich grazing and dairy holding known as Wick Farm situate in the Parishes of Lydiard Tregoze and Lydiard Millicent, and having an acreage of 139a 1r 3p intersected by good roads. The Farm House is brick built, slated and tiled and the farm buildings are of similar construction. There are also two excellent modern cottages substantially built of brick, with slated roofs, each containing five rooms.

This farm has been in hand recently and, for the purposes of this sale, the rent is estimated at £332. Vacant possession can be given on completion.

Proportion of Tithe Annuity in Lydiard Tregoze, say £49 10s 0d.
proportion of Tithe Annuity in Lydiard Millicent, say £1 11s 0d
Land Tax to be apportioned

The Vendor retains the right to take water from the Spring at Brook Buildings for the Keeper's Cottage adjoining (which are not included in this sale). 
There are three telephone poles erected on this lot for which the PO Telegraphs pay 3/- per annum

There was no offer made on Wick Farm in the 1930's sale.

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